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    wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    I tried out a new website, tonight, called: www.fiverrdot com and what a disaster and a severe disappointment.

    Made a purchase, on line, for a simple money spell with my visa card with a spellcaster named wiccawhitemagick.

    I got ripped off !

    The spell caster, name unknown, is a deceitful, lying, untruthful individual who does not answer any of her emails. She debited my visa card, twice, as in two, $ 17.08 dollar transactions and the billing department tells me there is an issue with my bank ? Bullsh*t. They have my money, but no service was ever rendered by the seller ?

    And no spell was cast, so it was a complete FRAUD, as far as Canadian consumer law goes and I am very concerned.

    When you email the management at fiverr dot com, and request a refund, you get f*cked over, as well ? as you don't get a response from them and this was five hours ago.

    Has anyone else had the misfortune of dealing with this British female named wiccawhitemagick.

    This was my first attempt to do business with fiverr dot com, actually and I can't recommend this website at all.

    Actually, many of the witches peddling spell services, on line, are sleazy and no good at all, in my experience?

    Can anyone assist me with a real money spell that will benefit a not for profit sports group that has been business for 25 years ? You know, there is a lot of selfishness in the witchcraft world and I find many witches are arrogant and or unwilling to share their spell secrets with anyone.

    I've been trying to get a money spell that works from someone for over two years, now, and nothing works, to be honest.

    I've even hired two so called witches, locally, and they all suck, as well ?

    What to say about that !

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    Re: Fraud experienced at

    I think you are referring to:

    Fiverr is not a genuine place to buy spells. All are there to take advantage of the loopholes in Fiverr system to make money. There is no genuine one. All are scammers.

    Go to your orders section and find the order ID of your gig. It looks like FO123456789E1. Replace the bold part of the below URL with your ID and it will take you to contact the customer service with your order details. Explain to them and see if they can refund.

    Also, go to her profile page by clicking the above link and then click "Report" which is just below the rating stars.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    The sellers do not process the transactions, Fiverr does. Once you place an order with a seller, Fiverr will debit your card. If you report the seller as per Naveen's directions, Fiverr should be able to credit your account and contact the seller about your transaction.

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    Re: wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    No order was received from you, which means I did not get any money. This is a case you need to take up with Fiverr and nothing to do with my services as I informed you at the time. You forgot to mention you were abuse and also racist to me when I was nothing but polite. Your attitude is very unfortunate to say the least. Wiccawhitemagik.

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    Re: wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    I would contact customer service on your credit card. Tell them you were scammed. Ask if you can speak with the appropriate fraud department. See if you can file a claim with them to have your account credited.

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    Re: wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    98/99% of all magick folks at fiverr are total scams. Period

    Either that or they are totally incapable of operating serious and effective magick

    Same goes for ebay magick offers

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    Re: wiccawhitemagik Fiverr -

    Although there are scammers on all sites, this seems more an issue with the Fiverr platform not with the worker.
    Also expecting a reply for a platform or even a person in 5 hours is not a reasonable time to offer. Most customer service requests take about 24 hours.

    Your reaction here feels really excessive.

    Also, if you are always looking to the negative - nothing will ever manifest for you. No matter who does it or who can manifest normally. You seem to be standing in your own way by being negative and picking things apart. You have to either have faith and go with it, or don't waste you money.

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