Dear All,

These are another bunch of Romania gypsies with no real power.
No results, over price and said 100% guarantee within 9 days to 30days.
They had advertised everywhere in Broadly and Vices from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

Their procedure of spam comes with the below strategies.
Firstly I tried a love spells with them, then after 3 days they mentioned that I have been hex by another woman who is with the man.
Need to pay another throwback hex spell to that woman.
A week later, they mentioned you need to buy protection talisman.
Her daughter asked you to buy her a new smart phone because she helped to send the Talisman package, LMAO!!!
And of coz i didn't buy her the freaking phone.

Bunch of Romania gypsies with no real power as shown in the Youtube.

I have questioned them why more than 90, no results?
They said I need to buy another tailsman in 300g Gold becos the girl put up another devil hex on me!!
When ask for more money, they speedy replies your messages.
When you do not entertaining anymore and ask for updates of spells. They don't reply you and ignore.

Then their mother Mihaela Minca gave excuses that she's sick and in the hospital, her daughter had complication of giving birth and so on. Can't give updates or perform rituals.

Gals please stay away from them and this is my personal experience sharing.