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    Dr Nana - Geoffrey Nana -

    And By the way I also tried ... This guy is in Uganda, his name is Geoffrey Nana , he is 34 years old and claims to bring your ex in 48 hours, that normally he does'nt charge but it came to a point where he needed to start charging 90 dollars... then the next day he tells me that the cast is done and that he needs a cow to contain the spirits ... 600 dollars... I negociated and paid 300... he said that this is all the spirits wants. then the next day he calls saying that now we need to balance powers , and that I have to send 2500 dollars , that he makes the final ritual , and he sends the money back.... And My ex will be knocking on my door within 6 hours.... What a joke!!!! I did Whatsapp video with the guy and he started showing me money telling me that it is not a scam, that he will send the money back, tat he is not in need... that he is just helping and the spirit requested this... I told him : did the spirits ask for 2500 dollars ??? what they will do with human money??? anyway a SCAM!!! don't fall for this guy .... Another Joke : J Lo , and jose mourinho are his customers .
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    Re: Geoffrey Nana -

    I split your post to 2 different topics because we try to keep one topic for every worker.
    Never send money to Africa, most of the casters that advertise in the internet from Africa are scams, and when someone tells you 48 hours result, run fast .....

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    Re: Geoffrey Nana -

    Sure, No problem for the split!
    He is actually calling himself Dr. NANA. Phone number : +256784807743
    Cheers !

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    How can I reach you privatly? I have a concern about the posts and would like to share. Cheers

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    Re: Dr Nana - Geoffrey Nana -

    Dr Nana is just another scammer. He tried to get me to Western union him some money. Avoid this man *cough* scammer at all cost.

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    Unhappy Re: Dr Nana - Geoffrey Nana -

    I can't stand people who try to pass themselves off as being Doctors. There is no Dr. in spell casting. Dr. Nana is nothing but a low-life scammer. So sad.

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