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    Angry Mama Creepy - Etsy Shop MamaCreepy -

    She really is a creeper I posted my review on a consumer forum where I have over 2000 posts she joined to post that I am a troll scammer on her first and only post. Paypal found in my favor kindof and she was saying this is false. And I have the invoice showing the products were not sent to me. This was over $4.95 plus all her homemade oils I did not want so petty an additional $10. Watch she will probably try to get on here.

    I have ordered about 5 times from them, they are affordable, have a rewards program and ship fast.
    A favorite item is 100 sticks of hand dipped copal for $11
    I have had previous problems with my orders because they do not update their merchandaise on the website, so about 25%-50% of what you order is always out of stock.
    This is a pain when the reason for your order is out and the other items are impulse buys.
    I have previously recieved a broke wooden incense burner I was able to reglue after telling them I never received it in my order.
    However my last order means I will never order from them again
    They sent me cheaper versions of oil blends than the brand I ordered $10 worth
    They also did not send me one of the oils I ordered and sent me something completely else, which is unusable to me since I needed the several items together for one purpose
    When I explained this, they offered me to ship back the products at my expense, which is more than what they cost intially of which I already paid shipping
    A paypal dispute stated if I wanted a refund it cannot be partial but a total refund of which I would have to send back all products with tracking, a cost at about 50 percent of the merchandaise I already ordered so I cancelled the dispute because it is not worth it to me.
    Paypal is only good if they do not send you anything, I have another problem and review to do on them, amazon has better service although most of these items are a bit more pricey I will not do business with MamaC.

    The seller or PayPal may decide to grant a full refund to the buyer if the merchandise is returned. Once delivery is confirmed and the refund is processed, the case is closed.
    This claim or case has been closed. A closed dispute cannot be reopened or escalated to a PayPal claim.
    This case has been closed because you reached a resolution with your seller.

    Disputed Amount:
    $29.95 USD
    Buyer reason(s):
    Different Category
    Different Model
    Missing Quantity
    Shipping Cost

    7/29/2014 12:45 PDT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.
    7/29/2014 12:45 PDT - Buyer: did not receive one item at 4.99which was my main concern, seller refuses to send me this item after requesting multiple times without paying shipping did not receive same brand ordered 2 @ 4.99can provide pictures of items recieved and invoice
    7/28/2014 07:37 PDT - Seller: You may return all those items for a refund.
    7/28/2014 07:37 PDT - PayPal: Beaded & Body Jewelry Etc denied (mynames) request for a $14.85 USD refund.
    7/25/2014 21:26 PDT - Buyer: Qty SKU Item Name PriceSubtotal1 OSAFRA Saffron Oil by Anna Riva$4.95$4.951 GPENS Smokey Quartz Pendulum$6.95$6.951 MC116 Mama C's Copal Incense SticksSelect Qty: 100 Stick Pack$10.95$10.951 RMGOL Gold Magnetic Sand 1 oz$1.95$1.951 RLGRE Green Lodestone$2.95$2.951 OMILA Anna Riva Millionaire Oil$4.95$4.951 OBIGA Anna Riva Big Money Oil$4.95$4.951 OAGSNA Snake Oil$3.95$3.951 OAGMOND Money Drawing Oil$3.95$3.95Was out of saffron oil and millionaire, and they substituted for fast money oil as agreed. Was substituted brands without being notified, did not receive big money oil, was set 2 drawing oils without notice. Have invoice stating this ad pictures of products received. notified seller who wanted me to pay shipping equal to the product price to send missing item that I already paid for (which is my main issue), despite telling her it does not fit the function I need for 3 different money oils as I was sent 2 sets of duplicates. I indicated that I expect missing product sent at not cost= no answer for an week. Have facebook message conversation. now asking for refund for all missing and incorrect products for oils that were not anna riva or foxcraft as ordered for 2 and the 1 missing oil that was substituted for a duplicate at 4.95 eachx3.

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    Re: Mama Creepy - Etsy Shop MamaCreepy -


    depends on how communicative you are with PayPal. I had ThePsychicAngelGuide send me generic oils after I was tired of her taking months on end to create and ship orders...I wish she had done that sooner! Would have saved me loooooots of money. But I was able to get my money back with her scam she tried to pull with me. Of you ever have a problem with a seller like that with a higher amount I would tell you what to do so you have better chances to get your money back. Unfortunately once you close an case it's too late. Otherwise you always have a chance at least to retrieve your money.

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