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    Kamaya - -

    Hi had the unfortunate dealings with healer-kamaya which was suppose to be no payment till you are satisfied.
    I phone him up and he asked for 30 so he could do a reading before casting a spell. He phoned me back 4 hours later saying I had a very big problem with barriers and he would need help from Africa costing 600+ when I said no he said he could pay in stages .
    Alarm bells ringing all the way.
    A total Scam!!!!! Please do not use

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    Re: Kamaya - -

    Sorry to hear, this is what happens most of the time with all these "Free" spellcasters ...
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. (Confucius)

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    Re: Kamaya - -

    Although I shouldn't tar all of these types of "Pay after results" readers/casters with the same brush, I instinctively do....They always seem to come up with "There is a curse on you" "There are barriers" "You need cleansing" "I need payment for the products" etc. These trumped up services all need to be paid for before the actual "Pay after results" spell that you initially inquired about.

    Some of them will go as far as gathering your details/pictures and blackmailing you for money not to tell your loved ones or even claim that they will curse you and your family if you do not pay them, many people fall victim to this. There is always a catch....

    Good looking out for others @Cooky48, I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I assume you are in the UK, if so, run from those that you see handing out cards in the streets. They operate in exactly the same way. 600 though??? The audacity!!!

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    Re: Kamaya - -

    Sorry that this happened to you. Word to the wise. NEVER use a caster from Africa.

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