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    Doris Smith - - Linkedin

    A while back i was looking for psychics on Linkedin, and i got drawn to this psychic and added her to my
    Linkedin connections. I was planning later on to send her a message and ask her about her services, but i never had the time to do so. Anyhow few days after i added her she sent me this message on Linkedin:::::::

    Shalom. I am Psychic Doris. I came across your profile and the holy spirit told me to tell you that you have a curse around you. That is why you kept having problems in your love life. Even though you are a good person yet sometimes people like to cheat on you. You have some problems in your life ......problem in your area of finance, health problems sometimes and occasionally you feel worrisome and insecure. Sometimes, you devise good plans but the result hardly turnout as you expected. The negative energy is the cause of these problems. The sooner you break this circle around you, the better for you. To remove these energies, If you have crystal jewellery and crystal wrist watches, take part of them to any renowned psychic to project some healing and positive energies into them with psychics' healing crystal rocks, then put on the jewellery daily to restore good energies around you. Make sure he or she is a seasoned professional psychic for you to get a good result, but if you prefer me to do it for you like my patients, then let me know and let me see how I can help you to activate the jewellery for you for healings. If you have any question, my email is:

    I got shocked by this message. Without asking me, if its ok that she could pass on messages from the spirit or not, she just wrote all of that. I didnt even contact her to show if i was interested in her services or not. I only added her on Linkedin and thought later on i will send her a message. And she seems to be a fraud to me, because for 1, i have been happily single for 5 years and havnt had any love issues for 5 years. And for her to just say im cursed and thats why i have problems in my love life is HILARIOUSSSS What love life?! LOL
    And all the things she wrote is so general. A professional psychic would never out of the blue write something like this to anyone right???!!!!
    Has anyone had any reading from this psychic?
    I just wanted to share this with you guys, to let you know if you ever come across her that she is a fraud and do not even spend a dime on her.
    A sane professional psychic would never write stuff like that to someone....and without the client even asking for a reading like that.
    Anyhow i blocked her on Linkedin
    I hope no one buy any of her services ever again...cause she seems nuts. But she have 444 friends on her Linkedin page and it is a shame that she is fooling folks over there.
    There was no links to any personal webpages of hers in her Linkedin profile either.

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    Re: Doris Smith

    Omg that's what the local psychics use to tell me years ago!!! The left a bad test in my mouth until one day I talked to a real psychic. LMAO.

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    Re: Doris Smith

    I walked off the street in NYC, into the flashy, tacky setup of some psychic there. It was just a random thing to do, some 30 years ago. During the reading, she told me that the ex girlfriend of the man I was interested in had put a curse on me. She wanted $40 to do candle work to lift the curse. But what really set my BS meter off is that I had never met the woman she was referring to, and was not known to be dating that man. Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of them out there pulling this crap (or trying to). Never fear :)

    Quote Originally Posted by teenlove View Post
    Omg that's what the local psychics use to tell me years ago!!! The left a bad test in my mouth until one day I talked to a real psychic. LMAO.

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    Re: Doris Smith

    * they and taste. Sorry for the typo

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    Re: Doris Smith

    Yeah, sure, I'm just going to hand over my jewellery to someone I've never met before so they can "cleanse" them. Probably find it all on ebay a few hours later.

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    Angry Re: Doris Smith - - Linkedin

    She contacted me recently telling me I had bad energies around me and saying this on my social music page and I checked her out on facebook and her picture was different and a much older woman and a middle aged woman with long hair on pin interest,I told her off and gave her a mouthful and I believe she is a SCAMMER and so pay no money to this Bitch and her email address is and she was a follower and followed my music page and now blocked her ,,but she followed women only and she had a cancer patient on their and I believe is terminal ..These people are con men and Scammers ,Using the word Shalom is not a term A American would use either ,These Scammers are on Line pretending to be a Doris ,I saw two different womens photographs being used for the same email / a word of warning ,,,be care ful

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