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Thread: http://greatspellcastermagicrashid.puzl.com/

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    Ok, this is my first real post on the forum, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone left such good information for me to search, though! You all have really saved me.

    Now for the real part of the post. I found this website http://greatspellcastermagicrashid.puzl.com/ while looking up a prayer for Santa Muerte. I have a strong calling to work with her, I've been seeing her in my dreams, but I also came across this guy.

    Deep down I feel like this is a scam that I should stay far away from, but another part of people hopes it could be true. I would just like to get the insight from other people about this website. Anything and everything will be very helpful!

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    Re: greatspellcastermagicrashid What do you think?

    It mentions South Africa....RUN!!

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