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Thread: Tineye Reverse Image search

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    Tineye Reverse Image search

    Hello all. When going to a spell casters website that has images, I would suggest if you are using Firefox, to install the addon Tineye. Tineye is an image search engine. I have found websites that show people that are supposed to be real customers of the casters and in fact the image came from some other place. And sometimes the caster or their alters pictures link to a few different places.

    Most do not think you will research their images and the ones that do don't post any images.
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    Re: Tineye

    Good tip. I have used Google Images with IE 8 before to trip up a psychic/caster (Cytheria) who sent me stock images claiming it was "my casting". I was wicked pissed about that. I posted the pictures on this forum. What a fraud :)

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    Re: Tineye -

    google reverse image search is more effective than Tineye, Chrome has it build up, all you need to do is right click on the picture and search for the image
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    Re: Tineye Reverse Image search

    I found dragging an image from your desktop into the image search bar works on Google images.

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