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Thread: AVOID Maruja Papa, a.k.a. Benjamin Jones

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    AVOID Maruja Papa, a.k.a. Benjamin Jones

    This scammer was publicly outed by legit practitioners after he scammed the wrong person. Now I'm passing along the info to spare you the trouble.

    Maruja Papa, also known as Benjamin Jones, did a bunch of screwy things to the wrong client. He did that old trick where he set a price for his work at first - in this case $180 - but kept requiring more money to continue the work. The grand total amounted to about $4000.

    When the client wouldn't pay, the scammer threatened the client with that old trick where he will "curse" the client unless the client pays up.

    Beware, this scammer will take the info you share with him and use it to blackmail you. Maruja Papa had been sending the client death threats in text messages, saying that he will kill the client and the client's entire family. He also threatened to go on Facebook, contact the client's friends, coworkers and family, and expose the work that the client hired him to do and how much the client paid him to do it.

    Apparently Maruja Papa will also spread lies about you. He was telling everyone that the client hired a black magic worker to destroy his spiritual property, when the client says she has not.

    Maruja Papa also tried to get the client to cash fraudulent checks. The client had the foresight to verify the checks without cashing them, thankfully.

    The client did some sleuthing. She pretended to agree to pay, and asked Maruja Papa for a paypal invoice. He slipped up when he provided an invoice. Maruja Papa's real name and apartment complex were on the invoice. The client then called the manager of the apartment complex. She asked the manager if a person by the name Benjamin Jones lived there, and claimed to have a package to deliver to Jones. The manager said that Jones did indeed live in that apartment complex.

    Why do I say that this scammer had scammed the wrong client? Because this client also happens to be a good client of a reputable practitioner. This respected practitioner used his clout to see to it that everyone knows Maruja Papa is a scammer. The reputable practitioner worked with the victim - free of charge - to collect all those text messages and emails and put them out there on the internet. The practitioner told everyone about Maruja Papa on Facebook and in the online practitioner communities. Now the scammer's real info is in the hands of serious practitioners - many of them versed in baneful magic - who do not stand for scammers among them.

    Gotta love it when the real ones take care of the fakes.

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    Re: AVOID Maruja Papa, a.k.a. Benjamin Jones

    If it comes down to death threats and blackmail, I think I'd rather put it in the hands of the police. Either way, I hope this comes back to bite him in the ass.

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    Re: AVOID Maruja Papa, a.k.a. Benjamin Jones

    I think i have spoken to him few times if thats him. Maybe its someone else. I forgot, the guy i spoke too was "merujah". Sounds very similar. This was in 2008 i think. I think he was from netherlands. He never threatened me but i just never gave him ny money for spells lol. He was asking for hundreds n said if u dont do it the guy wont be yours. Whatever. It wouldnt work either way. Lots of scams.

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    Re: AVOID Maruja Papa, a.k.a. Benjamin Jones

    This situation is ongoing at the moment. Last time I checked in on this, people had suggested that the victim report it to the police and FBI. Meanwhile, Maruja Papa has done a complete 180 on his attitude. He's been apologizing profusely to his victim, begging her to have the reputable practitioner take down all the online posts made about the scammer.

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