This is a reader I used for several months, a few years ago. He is still alive and well on the internet. I'm surprised he's not on the forum, so I am adding him to the database of frauds. Below is a Rip Off Report I wrote about my experiences with him back in 2009. His "supporters" came to his defense and responded to my report over the subsequent months and years. You really get an inside look into how their frauds perpetuate their scams. It makes for some being interesting reading and can be read at:

Iwas actually really surprised that so little has been written about Christopher Reburn anywhere online. I see only two official complaints about him on this site, and they both sound so ridiculous, that I cannot take either complaint seriously. I believe it is now time for me to speak up. Someone has to.

As I write this, Reburn is trying very hard to acquire and maintain a client base, so I hope that I can help others avoid this guy before they get fooled into believing his claims. Currently, he is claiming on his website of having a 90% accuracy in his predictions. I can tell you that after having several readings with him over the course of a year, and speaking to at least 10 other clients of his, some of whom I know, personally, his prediction rate is much lower. He seems to have many unsatisfied clients out there, myself being one of them.

This is not to say Reburn doesn't have some positive qualities, which in turn, make it hard to recognize and accept his falsehoods. In general, I've noticed most people feel he is an unusually nice and polite person, which I know has caused many people to leave him lots of positive feedback on Ebay, even when the clients felt his readings didn't feel correct to them. The cost of his readings are very reasonable, although they have recently gone up, considerably. He is quick to respond, fill orders and is usually sensitive to client needs.

Reburn seems to have a genuine ability to empathically explain a situation. Most clients I have spoken to felt he was quite accurate when giving such information. There are times when he seems highly skilled, insightful and accurate, and that makes it all the more difficult to accept that his readings are likely untrue, particularly when predictions are made.

However, the cons outweigh the supposed pros in Reburn's case. In addition to giving "psychic readings", he also claims to be a spiritual teacher, yet most of his information sounds identical to the teachings found in the bestselling books of Sylvia Browne, who has been shown to be a complete fraud. (Visit for more information.) He conducts weekly pod casts filled with rehashed material which sound pilfered from Browne's books. During the course of the hour, he takes calls from listeners, who are usually the same THREE women, give or take one, every week. One of those women is often Nancy Howry, who has posted several comments on this site in Reburn's defense. One can't help but get the feeling that perhaps these few devoted listeners are either part of his self-made operation or have become helplessly reliant on his advice.

If one is to listen to Reburn's advice, you will likely be told the same information as most of his other clients. Most of his clients seem to be women in need of romantic information, and if you are one of them, be warned! Rather than appearing to give personalized info, Reburn will usually rely on what sounds like a theory of his own making. He claims that if a person has difficultly getting over a heartbreak, it is because the lost lover is the client's life partner and the two are guaranteed to reunite again, eventually. Of the clients I spoke to, all the people who asked Reburn about romantic concerns were told that the man they lost was their life partner who was charted to be with them. He then will sometimes discourage the client from moving on and finding other relationships. For the record, absolutely NONE of the clients I spoke to, nor myself, have seen any evidence of Reburn's "life partner" predictions in our own lives, in some cases, even after a year or longer.

Finally, Reburn has a habit of aggressively recruiting clients by joining every mailing list and social network site on the internet in the hopes of increasing his fan base. I have received several emails and friend requests to join him online, something I think is pretty tacky and pushy.

It pains me to have to write this, as I wanted to believe Christopher Reburn was genuine and thought I saw enough proof to affirm that, but after more than a year of disappointment and suspicious observations, it's time to face the music and warn others to avoid the same pitfall. I wish more people would be vocal about psychic frauds and scam artists when they encounter them, otherwise these people continue to prey of vulnerable people looking for answers. I know there are more unsatisfied Reburn clients out there, so speak up! To everyone else, I hope you find this helpful. I wish someone had written this before I had MY first reading with him.