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Thread: Hougan Amadou - related to

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    Hougan Amadou - related to

    has anyone tried this spell caster? he seems like a real person but i'm not sure since this is my first time looking for a spell caster. his prices seem reasonable and he's honest about his success rate. i want to try him out but i'm not sure.

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    Houngan Amadou???? , looks another site of the realfastlovespell people, SCAM (uppercase like from screaming RUNNNNNNN)
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. (Confucius)

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    Re: Hougan Amadou - related to

    thanks hope! glad i posted this on the forum before i gave them a cent!!

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    Re: Hougan Amadou - related to

    Yeah. This is a scam. Be careful. I just got a bad overall vibe when I spoke with him. I'm glad I went with my gut feeling after he was asking for a small fortune for a guarantee.

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    Re: Hougan Amadou - related to

    plz don't trust this person. I paid 790 usd for a custom spell which he said to have fastest result in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks when asked about results he asked to wait for 4 weeks, after 4 weeks then he asked to pay another 390usd to remove negitive effects that are stopping the results.

    But I didn't paid that. Now 6 weeks after he never response to my emails... Pls don't trust him.., money can be earned but not trust and time. You will waste your time waiting for your results with his fake promises.. I wish he could ever understand in how much vain people would be in and asking for his help.. But he cheats ..

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