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Thread: How To Become A Verified Member

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    How To Become A Verified Member

    SPS Member Verification

    NOTE - The verification process is NOT immediate and is handled manually. Verifications will no be processed on a daily basis. I will attempt to process verifications during the week, as time permits. If unable to process during the week, requests will be processed on the weekends.

    Due to fraudulent activity, we are implementing a Member Verification system with the purpose to circumvent and prevent fraud and shills.

    I will do my best to confirm that members are who they say they are, in an attempt to remove anonymity while protecting member's privacy . This in no way implies any guarantee or endorsement of any member nor liability upon the SPS Review Forum.

    ***The information acquired through this verification will be kept under strict protection. The purpose of this information is to verify you as a member. At no other point will this information be used or shared with anyone else.***

    Why become "Verified"?
    Provides other members a form of security and trust by removing anonymity while protecting your privacy.
    Verified Members have access to the Chat Box and are able to see the location of other members.
    Verified Members can submit links to the SPS Directory.
    Once you are a verified Member, your account will not go inactive even if you do not post or visit the forum for a long time.
    Only Verified Members and Supporters can open new threads and offer their FREE services or trade in the Member Trade Forum

    How to become "Verified"?

    Submit the Verified Member Application if you comply with ALL the following requirements:

    Verified Member Application

    a) Must be a member of the forum for at least 30 days before submitting the application. AND

    b) Member must have a minimum of 20 posts to be able to apply. AND
    c) Member must not have multiple offenses, warnings or negative reputation on the forum. AND
    d) Member complete the form and the information must be verifiable.


    Q: Do I have to submit a request using more than one option?

    A: No, only one option should be used. Submitting multiple request adds more work for me and only one request is necessary.

    Q: How long does it take to become verified?

    A: I will try to process the requests in the weekly basis.

    Q: How will I know if I'm a Verified Member or not?

    A1: Once the verifications are completed, your account will be upgraded to "Verified Member", I will not send confirmations, this would consume a considerable amount of time, so please watch for the title to appear under your name.

    A2: If for some reason your verification fails, you will be contacted via PM and advised of the reason. Once a member is denied, please repair the issue and you MUST resubmit your request.

    Q: Can I lose my Verification status?

    A: Yes, Members may lose their "Verified" status if they are found engaging in fraudulent activity in the forum or seem to have trouble following the forum rules.

    Q:What happens to request that fail to be verified?

    A:When a request fails it is filed away as denied along with the reason for the denial. The application will not be edited in any way to reprocess. So re-submission is required once a request has been denied.

    Q: Can I reapply if my first attempt fails?

    A: Yes, unless otherwise instructed. Some request may have typos or other mistakes that render the request "Denied". It is always required of you to resubmit.

    Q: I don't feel comfortable providing this information, what can I do?

    A: First consider this, the information we are asking for will be required to complete a transaction with any provider. Second, practically everything we ask for is of public record and with a little diligence can be found without your input. We aren't asking for your social security number, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or anything of that nature.

    Q: Can you verify members without submitting the application form?

    Not any longer, I did it at the beginning for older members with consistent forum activity over the years, based on my experience and interaction with them, but I will not accept requests for it, members that have not been verified manually, need to submit the application form.

    This post will be evolving over time. If you have a question that I have not answered, feel free to post it and I'll add it if I feel it needs to be included. If you have recommendations for other forms of verification, feel free to contact me.
    If you are unable to be verified, please let me know and we'll see if there are other methods we might use for verification.
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