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    Re: Baba oggun -

    Baba is a fake!!!! None of the things he said happened plus he never calls or replies to text. He took my money. My ex never came back.

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    Re: Baba oggun -

    I received some information confirming that Baba Oggun and Lambepik are the same person.

    Still need to verify, poster said his real name is Brian Nicholos Jones and he was arrested for alleged theft.

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    This guy is a fraud. He is no priest. Probably not even initiated. He is a criminal. Been to jail for theft, identity fraud, etc. Brian Nicholos Jones is his birthname but he has changed it to Altier Wolf Kennedy. Also changed his "business" name to Conjure House International on Instagram and Etsy. He has no orisha working for him. He is evil to the core. He has a wife and 2 kids in Florida that he abandoned. He's wanted in Jacksonville Florida for Identity fraud. On his Instagram jw goes around posting and judging other practioners as frauds. People fall for his lies because he claims to be cheaper than everyone else who is corrupt. He is a monster. I know him personally and he destroyed my life with spiritual, psychological, physical, sexual and financial abuse. When i found out his lies and bs, he slandered me as a woman and a mother to anyone who would listen. He preys on females. I wish I could sue him and press charges for his evil. He is arrogant and thinks he is untouchable. Karma is b****!

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