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    Jul 10, 2011
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    My apologies if this has already been discussed. I have done a search and haven't found anything. Does anyone know if this service is ligit?

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    At first glance I thought it was Aurora in the other not sure if they are connected..where did you find her?

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    Her page links to the following pages:

    What all these pages have in common? They are bogus, a bunch of spells and lots of false testimonials, practitioners (if any) can not be verified to be a real person, more likely a good case of Internet Identity Disorder
    Payments go to Stonehenge Magic in Paypal
    All of our spells come with a full money back guarantee. You get refunded, for any reason!
    Takes Only Credit Card Payments
    Our address is .. Wish4Luck, Box 271, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3ZL, England, United Kingdom.
    This address also is listed on this page: - Same as
    We are coven of professional spell casters based in the UK. Our magic love spells are the most powerful magic love spells available on the Internet and have been passed down from generation to generation over the past several centuries.

    Paypal Payments go to "
    Magic Spells" same as same as

    This is just another scam, I will check the registrations latter on, but none of these sites look genuine

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    May 19, 2013
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    Sorry I could not get a name for any of the casters. Is anyone familiar with this site and have you tried any spells from them?

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    I hope home one has something positive about them!

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    According to this, they run a bunch of sites.

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    They were one of the first spell casters I came across, long before I joined this forum. They're very cheap but nothing came out of the reconciliation spell I bought, looking back it was rather silly of me. One thing perhaps worth mentioning was the reading I had from them was excellent. The reader's name was Kamana - she only tells you her name when you receive the reading - and the question was 'will my lover return'? The answer was a big fat NO (it was the first negative reading i had and sank me deeper into my misery) but delivered with lots of supporting information make sure you'd be left without a doubt that NO is N-O!!!
    If anyone tries their readings we can compare notes :-)

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    another bogus page, nothing can be verified, private registration

    Our magic spells are among the most powerful that are available on the Internet and have been passed down from generation to generation over the past several centuries.
    Bla, bla bla

    Paypal payments go to "Stonehenge Magic" same as

    The address listed on the page:

    Magic Spells of Stonehenge
    Box 271
    Somerset TA6 3ZL England

    this address is also used by
    and others connected to

    One of the sites ( was registered to Mr. D Hinckes before and it is private now.
    Creation Date........ 2000-06-13
    Registration Date.... 2002-10-26
    Expiry Date.......... 2010-06-13
    Organisation Name.... Hinckes, D, Mr.
    Organisation Address. Box 271 Friarn Street
    Organisation Address. Bridgwater
    Organisation Address. Somerset
    Organisation Address. TA6 3ZL
    Organisation Address. Somerset
    Organisation Address. GREAT BRITAIN (UK)

    Admin Email..........
    Admin Phone.......... +44.07745470081
    Admin Fax............ +44.07745470081

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