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Thread: Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

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    Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    Tips for spotting psychic scams

    This list is not exhaustive and may not cover every scam out there. The rule of thumb is that if a psychic or witch service meets three or more of this list there is a good chance that it is a scam or fraud.

    - claims to be all-powerful, omnipotent or godlike, no one person has this much power can you imagine what would happen?
    - claims to have exclusive occult knowledge that is unattainable to anybody else, although some have more experience than others, some knowledge is generally only shared on a generational basis but 99.99% of knowledge of the spiritual arts is widely available and a spiritual mind is universal.
    - claims to cast spells only at a particular famous location, some do prefer the same location each time but famous ones like Stonehenge or Eiffel tower are full of tourists and can you imagine the cost and chaos of going to Egyptian pyramids every day to cast the twenty-or-so orders each time, the caster would never get any sleep.
    - tells you that your reading is confidential, this is normally done when a trader gives the same or similar reading to everybody, if people talked the illusion would break. The reading should be about you therefore you can do what you want with it.
    - claims a 100% success rate with spells and reading accuracy, nobody is perfect and on rare occassion personal opinions can leak into readings, a 90% success rate is more realistic.
    - acts with a lack of consideration to others, any good psychic has a good character and would do one's best to consider consequences of spells on multiple people, the only exceptions might be healing or protection.
    - tells you that you are in pain or horrible misfortune without giving any uplift or reasons other than they can help you, this is normally a money-making idea that goes back a long way.
    - has no way of receiving customer feedback but has testimonials on website, if there is no way to send a testimonial how did they get there?
    - includes your name more than five times in a reading and claims to be devoted to caring for you, psychics and witches have loads of clients and although personal connections can happen any good psychic knows how to keep a professional distance and that one cannot live on the money from one client.
    - pressures you to get more and more readings/spells, there is nothing wrong with recommendations and advice but if a psychic/witch tells you that you MUST buy more and more items even if you cannot sensibly afford them they are likely just using you to make as much money as possible. Most psychic will tell you to get readings occasionally rather than frequently since little changes in a short space of time.
    - cannot be contacted, a psychic should have some way to contact them even if it's just an email or on-site form, beware of any trader that has no contact details or does not reply even after weeks.
    - seems to do hundreds of readings and spells every day, while some psychic services are teams and you may be lucky to be on a less busy time generally you should expect to wait at least a few days before being served.
    - charges excessive amounts, anybody that charges more than seems necessary (hundreds or thousands) whatever the excuse is probably not worth it.
    - claims that your life is out of your control, psychic readings are about outlining choices and experiences, how they may help you as a person and how you can make the future you want.

    Post your quick list tips here!

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    Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    Problem is...some really talented people are asshats.
    they have huge egos and think they are omnificient. Many of the same people will charge exorbinent amounts of money for there time and then ignore you or make you wait.
    Of course there are equal amounts of casters or readers who act this way who have zero talent and are scams.

    then there are some that charge practically nothing and do it for love of being spiritual ...these people tend to burn themselves out.
    again, there are equal amounts of practiconers who are scams who do the very same thing.or at least seem like it.

    i don't think there is a formula unfortunately ...

    the only thing I def agree with though is, you never hand over power or control of your life to another person...reader or not.
    No one no matter who is always right...and no one will be successfull every time ...even if they do the work.
    magick is elusive.
    Sadly, you have to keep exposing the fakes one by one, and being skeptical of everyone until they prove you wrong...but even really have to understand that nothing is written in stone.

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    Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    The old claim that he/she works for the "famous", "kings" and politicians, just another false claim, the ones who really work for the elite DO NOT ADVERTISE IT because it will turn the famous clients, (who are looking for privacy above all) away
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. (Confucius)

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    Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    One thing that I see as a giveaway is a reader who vacillates on things. My biggest pet peeve is about the term 'free will' and how it is bandied about. If a prediction does not happen, it's because of 'free will'...or 'it wasn't meant to be.' Many readers claim if something was not meant to happen, then free will should have nothing to do with it...the thing is set in stone. But most readers claim a reading is NOT set in stone...and that free will plays into it!

    So which is it when something goes south? Free will? Or it wasn't meant to be?

    Anyone can buy a deck of cards and train themselves on their meanings. But the cards are meant to be a portal to thought and vision much as a crystal ball is used. If a reader gives you the textbook definition of a card's meaning, be wary...especially if they ask about someone's hair or eye color or age as related to a card. This CAN be used in the reading, sure. But a good reader, who knows what they are doing, will weave the cards and meanings into the general picture, not make the cards THE picture. One reader saw three men (three kings cards) in a reading and started asking what men I knew looked like. I did not have three men close to me at the time...she didn't look beyond the figure of the king to its greater meaning.

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    Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    if something 'wasn't meant to be' how come they see it???????
    hallucinations maybe

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    Exclamation Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    To be quite honest only a psychic knows if another person is psychic.
    If you do not have the abilities to see then you are a scammers potential victim.
    Throw your guidlines out the window because they only offer a false sense of discrimination.

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    Re: Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    I don't know if you're right about the price. I'd be more likely not to trust people who offer extremely cheap spells. You can't have a spell cast for 10$ if the supplies cost 15$, for instance. Also, the spellcaster has to be paid for his time. If they really put energy and time into your spell, that is sure to cost a higher sum of money, as well as quality supplies. Of course, thousands of dollars are clearly too much money to pay for any kind of spellwork. It's either a scam or someone with a huge ego who thinks their talents are absolutely unique and worth that money. That's just my opinion, however.

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    Re: Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    I agree with most red flags posted her however, the gut feeling that someone may work for us or not is also equally important. I've tried personally sellers who have questionable business practices (for me of course those debatable practices weren't a proof they were scams) but their spell/ritual seemed to work better than others who seemed to have a better reputation or came recommended by others. It could be a coincidence but I had a gut feeling they would help me somehow and they did (although still I haven't got any full results). Each member of course has their own standards of what is scam or not. I personally consider a scam artist someone who tells you your are cursed and demands a high amount or threatens to give out your personal info in exchange for money or good feedback or someone who guarantees 100% results--which we know isn't the case. However, I do not consider a scam artist necessarily anyone who has three different nicks and personas and operates in psychic or spellwork platforms--yes a great deal of them are scam artists but I was lucky enough to find some genuine ones that were honest with me and their abilities.

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    Re: Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    in my opinion no psychic would pick up everything at all. So, the tales they tell about i don't see that for you might not always make sense because i might do it.
    The most annoying lines are "You'll meet someone soon" Of course we would all meet someone, the question is whats the detail about them, would i like them? Would i not?
    And yes, most of these psychics play on your vulnerability. Its so easy to say your ex would come back and throw a far month so when it doesn't happen you're either forgotten or you come for more.

    Be careful everyone.

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    Re: Psychic fraud spotting quick tips

    I believe like everything else there's genuine psychics out there and frauds. For me, when I have a reading I expect something very personal to be given to me, not just the famous stock statements. Unfortunately there's more frauds operating in the psychic industry than the genuine.

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