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Thread: The 6th Generation Witch

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    The 6th Generation Witch

    The 6th (5th, 4th, 3rd) Generation Witches who were trained by their centenary Grandmother (or aunt) and are selling a never ending estate for few bucks or doing spells using the secret inherited recipes and formulas.

    This story is getting old and while I think hereditary witches exist, it is odd to find so many, essentially in eBay.

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    The 6th Generation Witch

    Same thing with root workers.
    Many crop up as being raised by a mambo whatever and some of them live in Brooklyn lol
    not saying its not possible but, it can't all be true.

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    The 6th Generation Witch

    What about the so called "High Priestess", when I see one, I run, I do not think there are enough people in the word to fill all their covens.
    Now days very few Wiccans come from initiatory traditions. So HPs has become easy to claim, because there's no Wiccan doctorates anywhere, no universities to give and withhold the title.
    Any 15-year-old who is just beginning in the Craft can claim she is a HP
    Solitary witches can not be High Priestess, this title is only used when there is a coven.

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    Re: The 6th Generation Witch

    I used to live in NYC, Mama Lola is from Brooklyn and I go to her store down here in New orleans now. She's real, I've met her daughter and other vodou initiates at the store. There is a really good book about her, I can't remember the name but I have read it many years ago. The author shared her 15 yr relationship with her to write her biography. I have gotten good advice from the store, I also had a candle dressed and prayed over for me, but sadly no results from it.

    The truth is there is a huge influx of legit spiritual people throughout NY and concentrated in areas such as Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn because so many immigrants moved there from Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico etc. Up until Giuliani was mayor there were an abundance of botanicas. Since that time however, mom and pop businesses have sadly died off. It shouldn't surprise anyone then that there would be the best of the best in NYC. Their spiritual roots are very deep there.

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    Re: The 6th Generation Witch

    lightanswers, I agree with you. I live in Manhattan and honestly haven't taken advantage of all the botanicas near me. I recently had a coworker mention out of the blue about one in Brooklyn I really want to try...I wish they would do online readings, but of course the fact that they don't often shows how genuine they are I think. Where is Mama Lola located exactly? Is she still in NYC? I was a little confused by your post.

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    Re: The 6th Generation Witch

    Where, where, where?? I'm in Long Island....

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    Re: The 6th Generation Witch

    There's a woman that goes by 6th degree and 4th generation witch that runs a Facebook group that's a cult. It worships demons and praises her as the 7th princess of Hell. The group is called the Order of Dark Arts. It has a YouTube channel and etsy store.

    Look up her name or her real name ashley castro/ashley mattern to really see the dirt on her and her scams. She calls herself a 4th generational witch but there's no proof of that since she comes from a proud Christian family.

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    Re: The 6th Generation Witch

    Good write up. Why waste your time on a fake?

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