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Thread: How to check domain registration

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    How to check domain registration

    I like this tool

    Also here you can find the cache history of a domain (very useful)

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    Other links to check domains:

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    Re: How to check domain registration

    Another place for domain info, try this site:

    This site will tell you who is the registrar of the site (like GoDaddy, ENOM, or DuCows), the IP address, where the GoDaddy server is located (the server could be located in Texas, but the website owner may be located in California, when the site was created, when their website will expire, and a host of other info to review.

    A lot of the time the website owner is now under contract with GoDaddy and owner's identity is protected under the GoDaddy's brand, but there is still plenty of information to review at no charge.

    You still have to be aware careful though, just because the website has been up for years, the owner can still be of questionable practices.

    Hope this is helpful.

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