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Thread: Everlastingvoodoospells.com

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    www.Everlastingvoodoospells.com is a Scam/Fraud
    I was scam By Everlastingvoodoospells I order a spell it cost 200$ and was told that it would take a week to complete. They also said if the spell don't work in a week they would return my money back so it been two months since that happen i been trying to give them a call and they never answer them i figure they are a scam wow i can't believe this.

    below is there info.

    1(888)-730-7880. Email: SpellCasterHayley@Yahoo.Com

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    Sorry for your experience and welcome to the forum.

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    Award Winning Voodoo Spells Caster Love Spells 888-730-7880 ... Voted #1 In Peoples Choice Magazine & Awarded #1 Spell Caster In Seattle

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