anyone hear of this one? she charges $25 for an email reading but there is no option for an email reading when you go to pay. i opted for the 1 hour reading and thought she could help. i even asked her for a love spell. she told me that a love spell might just not be enough since i had to clean up layers of negativity. she said the love spell would cost $900 and for me to pay for it i would have to enter her alternate email address and send it to her by choosing personal and then gift. with a price tag like that alarm bells started ringing for me plus the fact that she told me that this negativity was cast on me by some one from my past. i asked her who this person was and she said after doing some research on it she could be some one from my past life. so what is your opinion on this anyone? i smell a scam artist and yes i guess i got scammed by her.