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Thread: Dr. Shaman - shamanhelpservices.webs.com

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    Dr. Shaman - shamanhelpservices.webs.com

    I got a weird email from this man Dr. Shaman saying he had gotten my email from rip off sites and understands I've been screwed over by spellcasters in the past and he wanted to offer his services. He said he could help me with spell work, as well as help me get my money back if I wanted. He also said from today till the end of the year he's offering free psychic readings. His website is http://shamanhelpservices.webs.com/

    This very much seems like a scam to me, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought and if anyone else had gotten an email from him?

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    Dr. Shaman - shamanhelpservices.webs.com

    sounds like spam to me, i am sure the free readings will be extended to tomorrow and payments via western union

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