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Thread: Upgrade your account and become a Forum Supporter

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    Upgrade your account and become a Forum Supporter

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    Updated - As of June 2015 our subscriptions rates have changed
    6 month membership $20.00

    12 month membership $40.00

    Minimum Requirements : 20 forum posts and Be a Verified Member

    This is the link for the Verified Member Application (FREE)
    Verified Member Application

    Along with the satisfaction of being a supporter of this forum, supporters will get the following benefits:

    Membership Type Regular

    Adds Free Forums No No Yes
    Ability to send Private Messages No Yes Yes
    Private Message Storage - 50 Unlimited
    Can Set Self to Invisible Mode No No Yes
    Maximum Number of Album Pictures - 10 50
    Signature No No Yes
    Can Request Name Change No No Yes
    Accounts go inactive after 120
    days of no activity
    Yes No No
    Access Supporter Forum No No Yes
    Access to the Chat Box No Yes Yes
    "Verified Member" Status No Yes Yes
    Can offer FREE Services or
    trade in the Trade Forum
    No Yes Yes

    The Supporter Lounge is a forum area dedicated to informal discussions between supporters.
    It is not moderated, supporters will be able to post anything and everything they want, I will not moderate, organize, move or delete posts in the supporter forum unless they promote illegal activities

    Supporters are subject to follow forum moderation rules and violations of the rules will deactivate their supporter membership and no refund will be issued.

    Subscriptions are NOT cancelable or refundable

    Supporters who violate the forum rules will be deactivated and no refund will be issued.

    Supporters are expected to cooperate and SUPPORT the forum, any member using the supporter status for its own personal gain or to create power wars will be deactivated.

    Supporters will receive ONE warning for the first violation, if after the first warning, the violations continue, the account will be deactivated without previous warning and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

    Thank for your support!

    Subscribe to Become a Supporter
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