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Thread: http://www.lovepsychicmargo.com/

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    Hi All,

    Just be aware as this one is clearly another scam. Whilst I was logging into this forum a banner appeared with this website and phone number so out of curiosity called Margo. I must admit she appeared very nice and explained about the spells and I was really tempted. She wanted full names and DOB's so she court do a chart and said to call her back in 20 mins so I did.

    She appeared very convincing until she stated she does not charge for her work and to pay $200 once you see results but only asked for payment of materials and you pay the shop and they deliver the materials to her which would cost $350. She expects that her $200 to be paid within a month as results will be completed. This is a big flag and similar to the terrible experience I had with Fatima Espuro exactly the same. I knew it was a SCAM. I asked what method of payment does she take and surprise surprise its either Moneygram or Western Union - for someone claiming to be in Seattle and then the western union details are for a person in Texas.

    They are getting good because she almost convinced me until she said pay the shop and then western union.

    Thankfully I am not vulnerable and much stronger and been there and been burnt through my experience that I could smell a BIG RAT instantly others may not be so lucky.

    We are all here to help and support one another from our experience so I hope that I saved a few others from losing hard earnt money and the mental anguish.

    Take care SPSP1

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    Thanks for the info. I'm sure it will save others.

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