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Thread: List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services

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    List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services

    This list is from http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/psychicscams.php
    Members, please look at the list before opening a topic in any of the scammers listed here:

    The most recently added scams are listed below. All the
    names have appeared on promotional material mailed to residents of the U.S. and
    other countries. Click on the links (on names that are blue and underlined) for
    additional details.

    Adarracom (offers you a Golden Key)
    Aja Chamana
    Amanda Kane
    Amelie Amandine
    Angela Almera
    Angelique de Succes
    Anna Pfeiffer
    Antoinette de Ville
    Blanche Calmette Clairvoyant
    Bon Po
    Cassandra St George
    Christie Owen
    David Phild
    Dolores c/- Taylort
    Edmond de Valles
    Esmeralda Wicca
    Eva Damus (return addresses in NZ and UK)
    Eva du Maurier (return addresses in NZ and UK)
    Gabriel DAngelo
    Giacomo dAlbi
    Incentive Merchandise Liquidation
    Johann Christensen
    Jean DuprÃ
    Jenna, Your Astrologer
    Julie Haley
    Laure Athol
    Lise and Rose
    Madame Arachnea
    Madame Beauval
    Maestro Zhandler
    Maja (Liv Hansen)
    Maja (Master Charli Chang)
    Marcus von Ring
    Maria Callas
    Maria de Fortune
    Maria Duval(return addresses in Australia and NZ)
    Maria Rosa
    Marie Desperance
    Marie Desple
    Marie-Rose Valmont
    Master Zholtan
    Michelle Alby
    Mikael c/- Esotech
    Miss Kay or Miss Kayleen in California or Arizona
    Miss Malinda
    Nostradamus Research Centre
    Nuova Tech Society Neo-Tech Publishing Company Inc
    Olivia Roy's Future Newspaper
    Paula Zikorski
    P R Nelchael
    Professor Messidor
    Rose Hart
    Sara Freder - Also see this page with examples of her scam emails
    Senora Diaz - Swiss Clairvoyant
    Sofia Dora
    Solen Parapsychology Centre
    Spectres of Ill Omen
    Supreme Council of 12
    Tina Farel
    Victoria De Monaco
    Vinci Seven Pentacles of Happiness
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    Re: List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services

    Sara aka Judy Riste
    Tiffany Williams
    Roxanne McGill
    Pauline McGill
    Sheri Diane
    Laura at San Francisco
    Jennifer at San Francisco

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    Re: List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services

    7 witches coven
    Amadou -safe voodoo spells.

    First off for those who are even looking to browse through spell casters just stop and think for a second.

    Let's use our heads and realize that someone on the Internet taking your money and PROMISING is fake and ridiculous.

    You want some insights and direction? See a psychic/medium/clairvoyant in person and get a good reading. I'm not talking about some joe down the street asking for $5 for a tarot reading. I'm talking about a well known person who will probably be costly but well worth it.

    If you are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to trust someone online to do a job then you really need to evaluate yourself in a number of ways. Spend your money wisely and intelligently.

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    Re: List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services


    Please I want to help people and warn them about 2 people that I have had 2 personal experiences with the first was with a lady from Johannesburg by the name of Candice Naidoo who claims to be a clairvoyant and claims to be able to perform miracles but that's not the case. I was so foolish but at the time I was so vulnerable as I was going through the worst time in my life. This women conned me out of R200,000.00 for prayers for myself and family which never worked. Her name isn't even Candice Naidoo but Kirti MANICKCHAND her number is 071 522 7916 email address is candice@ahos.co.za website www.ahos.co.za. also candicenaidoo558@gmail.com. This women will even give you a letter of guarantee for her work. She plays on your emotions and your vulnerability for your family which will make you spend every cent you own and even put you in debt. She banks with ABSA.

    The second person is prophet dr Andrew who claims to have branches in DBN CPT and JHB he claims to be able to be able to perform anything you want. Also a queen sprite talks to you. His contact information is info@dr-andrew.co.za contact number 060 866 2115 and website www.dr-andrew.co.za. He banks with FNB.

    I hope no other innocent victims fall prey to these scammers as I did. Good luck!

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    Re: List of Scam and Fakes astrology/psychic/clairvoyance services

    Prof Otti is a HUGE HUGE HUGE FAKE!!! Please do NOT consult with him. He will SCAM & ROB you!!! His contact numbers are: 071 361 6187, 076 323 9551 and 012 770 4785 and email: prof.otti@gmail.com or dr.nkuba@gmail.com. He is currently based at 217 Van Erkom Building, Pretorius Street, in Pta Central. He'll scam you, then moves "offices or surgeries (as he calls them)" so you can't find him next time. He scammed me out of a lot of money. DO NOT consult with the FAKE sangoma Prof Otti Nkuba

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