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Thread: Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    These are scammers thought they were official almost.... search the email & there are several posts & advertising!

    I had to post the comment he sent me, when he checked to see was I ready to pay so he could get the altar ready...

    He says: Peace unto you.
    I don't understand what you meant by no changes and doesn't look too good. Hope there is no misunderstanding? I have the altar ready for your spell while you make the funds for the items of the spells ready. I hope this won't take forever.
    May Slamaje bless you.

    Sooo funny... hope it wont take forever!!?? :lol: I think it will take forever to send $500+ to Africa! LOL

    And the same Craig & Jack Frost vouch for successful spells via personal emails. and on the blogspot. (caucasian) & he is in Nigeria with a servant who picks up Western Union payment...

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    I have been in contact with him for the past few days... still not sure if i trust him enough. i am also in contact with this guy craig. he said that he went to nigeria to make sure that shri raj is for real. craig's from minnesota.

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    just be careful, they will do anything to gain your trust and take your money ....
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. (Confucius)

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    Weird this conversation just ended...what happened to Craig and cstefanie.

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    I was invited to Nigeria once for another scam, and then I read up on how people would get kidnapped and held for ransom.

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    Blessings from the Coven of Shri Raj

    That's so true. I keep warning ppl on another forum of the danger in going there. The 419 sites warn of that and bodily injury.

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