The search for an online spellcaster or psychics can be challenging.

If you don't do your research beforehand, you will find yourself tossing money to the pockets of fakes and scammers.

Once you start doing your research, you find out there are more fakes and scammers than real casters, why?, maybe real spellcasters do not advertise online, scammers build fancy pages and write on them what we want to hear and we all fall for it over and over.

Like most members of this forum, you have probably been there, and have felt firsthand the pain and embarrassment of being scammed and even blackmailed sometimes, unfortunately you are not the only one, there are many like you.

This forum has been created to give the voice to those that have been scammed and to help each other in the search for authentic spellcasters and psychics.

In my research I came across a great forum: unfortunately it was late, I had been scammed by so many fakes, most of them exposed by members of the forum. was created on December 2009 and at present time it is a read only forum. For unknown reasons, has been closed to new comments and that is why I created this forum.

We are not related to, I do not have any information about its owner. I have followed the same set up in an attempt to continue the task of exposing scammers, crooks and fakes, it is a never ending task, as the old ones are exposed, new ones start popping out everywhere.

This forum is a work in progress, please post your experiences and comments to make your voice heard. We cannot undo the wrong that has been done to us, we may not be able to get our money back or even worst, our deepest wishes, but we can warm and help each other in the search for authentic and genuine practitioners.

The information and posts written here are the sole property of the Spells Scam Forum ( and can not be copied, reproduced, distributed or modified without writing authorization of the forum's owner.