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Alexander Todd
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    Alexander Todd - - email -

    If your're going to post a fake review/interview, don't be so obvious about it!

    This is almost laughable!

    So, as I'm still desperately searching for a legitimate spell caster, I've been looking at a lot of sites, as well as reviews for those sites.

    So yep, one of them was And this is one of the "review" sites I found for them. The layout and even the fonts used are exactly the same.

    The shame is, people probably aren't doing their research and are being taken by this. (And even with research, there are still plenty of scammers preying on our heart's desires.)

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    Re: Alexander Todd - - email -

    We had multiple accounts trying to join the forum today to advertise these two pages, IP from Macomb, Michigan.
    I am assuming this is a new advertising wave, buyer be aware, there is a known old scammer in that area!
    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. (Confucius)

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    Re: Alexander Todd - - email -

    I sent money yesterday and have not been contacted at all, he just basically got a way with 99.95.....sad, but I had it to spare, but I have reported it to authorities

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    Re: Alexander Todd - - email -

    Don't respond to emails, I just been got.... notified AUTHORITIES of his website. A scam

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