She seemed genuine for so long and guess what? She got caught. I paid her for quite a few jobs and she always made excuses for not producing any result's. She would say thing's like I need to do more work on that person because they are difficult to break. She was very hesitant about sending pictures of my jobs and kept ignoring the question. Then she started ignoring me altogether once I kept complaining of no results. She would do her so called free Reading's and pretend like the job is moving forward but just give it time. She kept reassuring me that she was legit and could never be disrespectful and scam people. Also she only uses an email address for contact and claims that she stopped communicating with clients via telephone a couple year's ago because it was too overwhelming. She stopped replying to my Emails For about a week and then I went off in a rage and let her ass have it. All of a sudden she responds and plays the innocent and says she has been having a rough week because her father had just died so that is why there was a delay. Then she threatened to contact the people I was having work done on and tell them about everything. Of course I cut her off but me being naive wasn't sure if she was the real deal so maybe about 6 month's or so later I contacted her again and inquired about more work but this time I was cautious and only paid her $50 after talking her down in the price. So, she claimed to have done the work and sent me picture's. Two red flags already.... The price and the actual photo's sent. So, for a breakup spell she sent me a red couple figural candle with string's around it but she tried to justify the string's and say that it was to bind the two people into fighting.... I'm like wtf!! So she sent another candle which only showed the very top of the candle which had green herbs and oils but the entire candle was blocked out so I could only see the very top of the candle where the wick is. She said the people's info was stuffed inside the candle wax. Also, how convenient the candle was located near a couldron... Appeared as if she stole it from an online voodoo shop. So, although questioned those red flags I kept keeping the faith. So, one day I was on the hunt for a particular candle online and browsing different shops and guess what I found... That red candle photo she sent me which was done for a love spell from some woman's shop. I never hit her up about it but just kept it moving. Also, I some how stumbled across her on YouTube and she was advertising herself in the comments and then started speaking about her grand daughter sometimes using her computer to get on YouTube blah blah blah so I felt a connection. Man was I wrong. She's just another theif who owes me money. Also, did I mention when I hit her up after our altercation and asked her where she was from she said that she is back and forth between new Orleans and las Vegas. AND SHE IS TAKING CARE OF HER SICK FATHER???!! Hahaha what a liar. she is also claiming to practice hoodoo for 30 year's. Anyway this is my awful experience with her. I wish I could upload those pics because I'm dying to know where she stole the prepared candle from. If anyone has anymore info about her please share. im dying to hear others stories about their experience with her.