Welcome to The Vyrtuos Breath, here you will find a full range of spiritual and magickal services to lighten, cleanse, change,heal and enrich your life`s path. I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient and audient with life long magickal training and a fully trained psychic and spiritual healer,also a Grand Master of Usui Reki, a Master of Angelic Reiki,Angel Reiki for Children, Advanced Reiki,Ascension Reiki, KarunaKi Reiki,Sekhem Seichim Reiki, a Master of Negative Entities Removal & Kundalini Reki and have studied Demonology - also an ordained Minister and Reverend of ULCO & SH, i aim to offer a great service and an honest one, in this current world there are so many changes and shifts taking place it can be difficult or at best confusing to know which way or direction to turn to find true inner peace, stillness and renew your connection to Creator/God
Here in this little shop you will find a plethora of true magickals to help you reach your goal and to make your path along the way a little easier to tread..... Allow me to bring true Magick into your life.....
Thank you for visiting, i hope you will find all you could imagine and hope for on these pages, if you would like a custom order, or have a specific Khodam, Jinn, Dragon,Creature or Entity Calling in mind i offer a full range of custom services and will be very happy to help, please use the Contact me page to submit your question/order or request.Please be reassured that all spirits and entities called by myself are done so with the greatest respect and care, often times when someone comes to me for a custom conjure, the entity/spirit will already be aware or trying to contact that person, you see we are the "chosen" in some ways as we are the ones currently incarnating here on earth, to nourish our soul groups with knowledge and to advance our own souls development and the spirit world is very well aware of this, they come to me seeking people to assist, guide and protect. No entity is ever called against their own will, what would be the point? If you look at my vessel pictures you can most often see the entity smiling and laughing, trying to call out to their chosen keeper.
Also when you receive a custom conjure from me you do not just get their names and ritual, you get information on how they most often like to appear, what they would like in offerings, if any and what their personality and specialist areas are if any, this facilitates a much closer and more meaningful bond to develop faster. I can also provide their own personal sigil for you, if you would like please just ask. Please know that i do also take returns on a case to case basis, i want both entity and keeper to be happy, of course, it makes for a good vibe all round, they know i care, and love them, otherwise they would stop trusting and coming forward to me.