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    Re: Sorcerous Endeavors - About Sorcerous Endeavors

    Crud, all that typing and it didn't go through.

    i actually just became a supporter of sps review for essentially one reason (although I'm sure I'll find others! Lol!). That reason is Chris at I've had 3 divinations from him, 2 of which were dead accurate, can't speak to the 3rd yet. I then tried one working with him which had the results I wanted within a week as confirmed by the person I did the working on. I've since asked him to do a couple more things for me, but the work has just begun so I can't say anything positive or negative about results yet.

    yes, Chris is a bit on the spendy side, but I truly think it's a case of "you get what you pay for". I would highly recommend him because he is very accurate in his readings, bluntly honest, very responsive and he has no problem telling you if you shouldn't do the work or if you're throwing away your money.

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    Re: Sorcerous Endeavors - About Sorcerous Endeavors

    This guy is real but please be careful, because if you cast with other casters while working with him, there is real backfiring, it's no joke

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    Re: Sorcerous Endeavors - About Sorcerous Endeavors

    I agree, also contacted him with a dire love situation. First had to pay for a consultation, and he didn't really give me much more info than I have given him, when asked what type of divination he used, he told me he used playing cards. Then a list of what he proposes to do for my situation at very hefty prices. I got the feeling he only wants to make money. First he said if I need drastic changes he will have to do drastic spells, and these do cost more than normal spells. But then afterwards he would mention things like this might put heat on the situation, so in other words its just a normal spell and he is making money out of people's desparation.

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    Re: Sorcerous Endeavors - About Sorcerous Endeavors

    To post this here as well:

    I reached out to Chris a few months ago regarding my rather...unfortunate case.

    However, he requested a lot of details before he'd do the divination...and the "divination" just felt like a restatement of the details I had already given him with some magical terms thrown in. Remove his terminology, and anyone off the street could've given his assessment.

    He quoted me a long list of very expensive spells, with a "catch" that additional investigation and spellwork might be required to repair the damage. The work he quoted was well over $1000, and could've gone much higher. He recommended not pursuing my ultimate goal as he felt that things happened the way the universe deemed best...but that I should still take him up on $500 of work to fix myself.

    He was nice, polite, and conversational...but I wouldn't ever use him for work.

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