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  6. Thank you for having this site
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  18. The SPS Directory is now running !!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. Server Hard Drive had to be replaced, we had over 24 hours of downtime
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  24. Voting is a privilege - If you abuse it, you will lose it
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  33. problem posting new thread on member support forum
  34. Server was down yesterday
  35. no sps for two weeks!
  36. Implementing a system to verify member's identity
  37. Once a verification system has been established, how public or private should the forum be?
  38. Location field on members profile
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  40. Legend- what determines a thread is pink & blue?
  41. Please read before you send a private message to Hope to ask for advice
  42. Customer Service Rating Thread
  43. Feature Request: Block/Ignore Thread
  44. Humor and sarcasm in the forum
  45. Just wanna say that Hope is doing a great job.
  46. How do I edit my profile?
  47. Changes to the Private Message (PM) System
  48. Why Can't I Reply to Messages?
  49. Place to Save Favorite Posts
  50. clean out mailboxes peeps :)
  51. Shilling Hall of Fame (or shall I say, SHAME)
  52. This is a review forum, no more personal discussions
  53. Reputation levels in profile
  54. Forum Upgrades coming next week, downtime expected
  55. Sellers who join the forum
  56. Question about this forumů
  57. Tolerance and the SPS Review Forum
  58. Questions and Answers for New Members
  59. Celebrate the 5th Year Aniversary of the SPS Review Forum
  60. The topic attacking forum members has been deleted
  61. History repeats itself
  62. Forum Etiquette - Help keep the peace
  63. Notification Settings?
  64. Questions about PM
  65. Star Rating for Psychic discussions thread
  66. Site was down - Problem fixed
  67. Create a poll?
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  70. Subscribers....
  71. Lack of feedback re:Australian sites..
  72. Need help updating the SPS directory
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  74. Forum was down for some users - Problem resolved
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  76. Need help from admin
  77. Members with double standards that report other's members opinions and forum's existence to certain readers
  78. Why-White exclamation mark in red circle after each post...
  79. Hope I'd love to private message you.