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  1. How to spot Fakes / Red Flags
  2. Are face to face Psychic readings better than Phone readings and Email readings? Or does it depend on how good the psychic's abilities are?
  4. Prayer and Blessing Chain
  5. Make my Wish com true!!!
  6. I'm feeling down, plz send me positive vibes!
  8. Positive Affirmations and Funny Jokes
  9. going to start blessing from today onwards
  10. Protect Your Privacy in the Internet - Mistakes to Avoid
  11. Do it yourself spells
  12. Ideas to Validate Spell Casters
  13. Venus Retrograde
  15. Spellcasters in the Forum and your Privacy
  16. The Ripoff Report www.ripoffreport.com
  17. Spell Machines--Enchanterx
  18. Spells and The Harry Potter Effect
  19. False hope!
  20. Books
  21. What happened to SpellsForum.Net?
  22. a new year, new beginnings
  23. Successful and Genuine Spellcasters
  24. Any ghost experiences anyone?
  25. palo mayombe
  26. FEELING SO DISCOURAGED!!! spells and psychics
  27. Psychic predictions
  28. Spells Should be Kept Secret?
  29. Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)
  30. How to stop ?
  31. some information that brings us more awareness to psychic readings
  32. Testing your psychic
  33. Genuine vs Fraudulent
  34. Faithful spell
  35. Status Quo
  36. Numerology
  37. Elemental Love Styles by Dr. Craig Martin.......
  38. Things That Make You Think
  39. Prayers - Petitions - Spells to the Saints
  40. Is there any real spellcaster out here
  41. Cleansing-Removing Blocks/ Negative Energy
  42. Questions about spells...
  43. communciation with Deceased
  44. Link To free Spirit Transfer Spell (Transmute Spell)
  45. How do you know if your spirit and you are a good fit?
  46. I am stuck in a rut and I cant get out of it!!OMG!
  47. Lottery Spells
  48. Maybe to skeptical
  49. When did magic start?
  50. working by "commission"
  51. Creative Visualization
  52. Goetia/Ceremonial magick
  53. Good Sites For Spell Ideas (Casting Your Own Spells)
  54. Free spells and spellcasters
  55. I need an opinion.Thanks. :)
  56. Feng Shui your car for safety and a positive feeling
  57. sigil magic
  58. Anyone in the UK? glastonbury?
  59. Telepathy - Remote Influence - Remote View
  60. Candle Colors & Their Meanings For Spells Or Rituals
  61. We all appreciate the support from our members
  62. I am in over my head!
  63. Birthdays
  65. Cast a Spell Subliminals
  66. www.spellsofmagic.com - Info about spells
  67. Do you think good casters should be also good psychics?
  68. Witchvox.com - A Pagan Search Engine
  69. Seeking HELP
  70. Anybody From India - Paypal question
  71. Honey jar
  72. Dream of me spells
  73. Lady Bishop on Larry King
  74. Pendulums
  75. www.ladyoftheearth.com
  76. Ideas for your Altar
  77. Group manifesting
  78. Lighthearted General Conversations
  79. Anderson Cooper show on psychic frauds
  80. "Call Me" Spell
  81. About Superstitions
  82. Vinegar Jar
  83. Writing your own spells
  84. Work - Career - Money Spells
  85. Candle divination
  86. Best spell casters for curse removal?
  87. ~~ Spells on Halloween ~~
  88. Getting depressed over guys
  89. You Are Not Alone...There Is Your Guardian Angel With You...
  90. Fairy Spirits
  91. Line of thought
  92. Crystals and Stones
  93. Man vs. Woman Doing Spells For love affairs
  94. Doctor Johann Faust aka John Faustus (14801540)
  95. Dream interpretations
  96. Holiday Wishes
  97. At all cost? Seperating..
  98. Manifesting Love and Relationship....
  99. Is there a spell to aid someone in maturing?
  100. Breaking up a couple
  101. is there a spell to help someone get out of jail?
  102. Freezer Spell
  103. political office/elections
  104. Hiring multiple spell casters for the same matter
  105. anyone have magic (bm or white) work on themself
  106. Astrology & Spellcasting
  107. Dreams, Omens and Signs
  108. Mojo bags
  109. I need a very strong spell magic that can make a
  110. Opinions & Views about Spells Spellcasters & Psychics
  111. how many years
  112. This May Help with Your Spells
  113. spells for inspiration?
  114. paranoid about personal information
  115. any ideas for new years?
  116. New Avatar Power - NAP
  117. General Spell Discussion
  118. are there spellers who offer spells in your presence
  119. Done + Done too
  120. Revenge Spells
  121. DUME
  122. LOA - Law of Attraction at Work
  123. Scam Busting - For members interested in helping
  124. Spells using poppets
  125. Need help and advice
  126. worse before it gets better
  127. sigil magic
  128. Symbols
  129. Question About Spirits
  131. Why dind't the Indios use a magic Against the Spanish and Po
  132. A member needs our help to stop Tata Dane
  133. Ouija Board Experiences
  134. black magic vs. white magic
  135. Rip
  136. How to remove a negative entity....
  137. Distance Healing
  138. Getting out there
  139. Empaths
  140. Demon Spirits
  141. guardian angels
  142. are they living enitites or spirits?
  143. how much?
  144. djinn
  145. Do you believe that you will never find someone like him/her or better?
  146. Best Trips you had or favorite places you have been
  147. Review of any of the ebook programs on getting an ex back?
  148. Is there anything worse than being ignored?
  149. Mercury Retrograde
  150. there have been some sitings!
  151. Closing a Cycle by Paulo Coelho
  152. has anyone used a master vessel for multiple sellers?
  153. Diamond Alignment http://www.diamondalignment.com/
  154. Altar Pictures
  155. How old is the oldest pregnant lady you came across?
  156. What Spells Have Worked For You?
  157. ebay cracking down on spirits/spells?
  158. What an incredible story!
  159. Mysterious booms in Wisconsin
  160. Vampires living among us?
  161. Help me change the weather :-)
  162. How to care for Spirit Races?
  163. I need a spell to help my team win
  164. April Fools Days Pranks
  165. Negativity towards spells
  166. How to make your prana flow
  167. Santa Muerte - Holy Death
  168. Is everyone fine??
  169. Full Moon
  170. New easter spirits
  171. Spell question (full/waxing moon or waning?)
  172. Fate vs Free Will
  173. TV show
  174. Meditations www.magicalmindcraft.com
  175. Doesnt a good caster know when something will work at the onset?
  176. If anyone wants to put on their psychic hats....
  177. Tarot Cards ?
  178. Spell to Stop Gossip
  179. spells for court cases
  180. Runes/Runic Magic
  181. Shiv Ji - Indian God Love prayer (spell)
  182. Songs that create change or are meaninful to you....
  183. Favorite Botanicas and Spell Supply Sellers
  184. I am beginning to feel like I am cursed
  185. Saint Martha the dominator! - Discussion ONLY - We have a threat for Acknowledgments and Thanks
  186. Positive Vibes Needed
  187. Palm Reader Rose from RHOA
  188. Electronic Voice Phenomenon
  189. HeAd count for upcoming meet and greets
  190. Cut and Clear Spell
  191. Thank you St.Expedite (Acknowledgment)
  192. Spell kits
  193. question about psychic's
  194. 11:11/1:11
  195. http://www.psitek.net/index2.html (Free)
  196. Question about Psychics.
  197. How do I make myself easier to read without giving to much info?
  198. I need help!
  199. The "3 Rule" for Spellwork.
  200. Return to Sender spell
  201. ebay login
  202. The fear of casting a love spell ever again
  203. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Mothers out there !!!!
  204. Praying and communicating with Angels
  205. www.theamimalinyou.com Free test
  206. Dangerous Writing (Interesting Realization I just had)
  207. HOw to work with Spirits?
  208. http://www.witchfest.net
  209. LAKSHMI Goddess of Good Fortune
  210. DNA Reiki Attunement
  211. Psychic fast
  212. If you really need to laugh...
  213. tired of being scammed :(
  214. In case you get what you want...be careful!
  215. I am a VICTIM of magick....
  216. Love spells and how they work questions?
  217. does anybody know electoral astrology ?
  218. getting someone fired
  219. Forums Related To Witchcraft
  220. Thank You Saint Jude (Acknowledgement)
  221. spell for lottery
  222. Am I chasing a dream that isn't possible?
  223. Happy Father's day
  224. Questions about The Moon
  225. Venus Retrograde
  226. Candle spell help request
  227. Scents & Candles for various Spirits & Items
  228. Intranquil spirit - Intranquility spell
  229. Thinking for themselves spell
  230. Spell Movement?
  231. Catfish Creek Candles www.etsy.com/shop/catfishcreekcandles
  232. Beginning to lose all hope !
  233. Need help with love spell/spellcaster
  234. Asking for help
  235. Spirits of dead children
  236. About being hexed, jinxed, crossed, cursed
  237. Haven't been here in months!
  238. having a really hard time
  239. Know When to Fold 'Em
  240. eBay to ban metaphysical sales this month
  241. Bad nightmare/woke up with cut
  242. ISO of a Conjure/Hoodoo practitioner here for advice
  243. Where to Look for Help (besides the forum!)
  244. On spellcasting traditions...
  245. I need spellcasting advice
  246. St Expedite/dream. Does this mean anything?
  247. Why should I trust this forum? Why should this forum trust you? - New Members, please read
  248. Your favorite metaphysical film or tv show?
  249. Do you think names have significance?
  250. LOA & messages