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  • joeyt1969's Avatar
    07-20-2018, 03:26 PM
    Boobsie! Is Egar your pimp? Did you write this on your iphone while you were waiting for your next, ahem, "appointment" on your street corner? Huh Boobsie? And you used the word "reconciliation". That word has more than 2 syllables. I am impressed Boobsie! By the way, just to give you some clarity, ooops, let me dumb that down for you and your fellow Boobsieholics here, that mean let me make this clear for you. Whenever we see a Guest post something positive on this thread, we know it's you Boobsie. The smell of penicillin seeps through the computer screen. I can't wait for another thrilling episode of The Boopsie Street Corner Chronicles, starring Shereen. Oh and one more thing, Boobsie, just because your primary care doctor doesn't want to refill your penicillin due to all of your nasty STDs doesn't make you his ex like you state in your post. Just wanted to add that. Bye Boobsie!
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  • Unregistered's Avatar
    07-20-2018, 02:28 PM
    They are very real hope. Stop breaking my balls ok. What ur doing isn't right. U know both of those posts came from 2 separate people that sure don't live in my state i never had a client where i live. U have the IP addresses. U know what ur doing is wrong. Of course i read the thread it's my name and my reputation that ur shitting all over. Fake forum or not why wouldn't I read it? I need screenshots. Anyone who claims im fake and they state factually they worked w me better have proof. I only accept PayPal so that shouldn't be a problem. My clients made their way into the forum bc i told my followers about this and my clients who i have helped will be coming in droves to defend me. Stop making like they are fake people Melissa Miller. How do you this w no conscience? If ur gonna question reviews u should question them all. Not just the good ones. Bc people are just as likely to leave bad reviews on their competitors. I am going to do my best to leave this be. I am an Arab. My name is important to me it's a cultural thing. Those who say I can't manifest bc i curse? Why do u think they call curse work "CURSE WORK" . i can control my energy and vibration. So a witch should be happy all the time and isn't allowed to express emotion? That makes no sense. The power of the witch is determined by the spirits that walk w her. Has nothing to do w her attitude. It never stopped me from manifesting. I don't deserve this bashing. All I did was log into my clients account who is my friend bc i was curious. Then when I saw how u reacted to real reviews i got pissed off. That doesn't warrant what ur doing. But it's fine. Do what u need to do Melissa. It's my pride that is being effected and nothing else. Since I got well known ,haters came for me from all over the place. It never goes anywhere. My spirits got me. My clients know me. So im good. I need to learn to just swallow my pride and let things go. Im not gonna make a video on you Melissa.. I even unliked the videos made about u and this forum. I'm leaving this shit alone. If u choose to keep attacking me. That's on you. Be Blessed Im sure u won't post this comment. And that's ok. But i am leaving this shit alone and let the spirits take care of me like they been doing my whole life. Only letting things teach me lessons. Love and light to you Melissa Miller and gang.
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  • Hope's Avatar
    07-20-2018, 01:52 PM
    To all the "wonderful testimonials" that all of the sudden found their way to the forum as unregistered users, if you are a real person, feel free to join the forum, multiple posts repeating the same thing will be considered spam.
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